Friday, May 14, 2010

#5 how hollywood = ego fail

on her facebook account, my sister recently posted an article which discussed the lawsuit filed, by the producers of the 'the hurt locker', against persons who had downloaded it illegally.

i'm all for fairness and equality, but these producers have managed to make me angry. like when pooh doesn't get his honey - angry. in my opinion: the producers are blamimg the poor ticket sales on someone or something else, instead of accepting that the movie wasn't that great.

"but saturday musings, the hurt locker won 6 oscars!"

yeah you're right, but the oscars make as much sense as the queen of england. like really...what's the point? everyone has respect, but not any genuine respect. i mean, hollywood doesn't seem to understand that the majority of movie-goers, could care less about the oscars. it's just a big ego stroke for the stars anyway. point being: winning oscars doesn't make your movie good.

avatar, in my opinion, was a hellovalot better than hurt locker; for one, it was unique [not another american army-movie] and for two, it wasn't a wrist cutter. don't see 'the messenger'. just, don't. i would rather shave with a porcupine than watch that movie again.

BTW - i'm not defending the act of pirating, i totally believe that you should pay for something, if you like it. as a pirater, i make sure that even though i pirate, i buy the stuff that i do like. for example, i just bought 2 books on my iPhone, when i could have easily found a torrent for ebooks...

the producers are acting like that contestant on american idol, who goes in and sings real bad-like. then after opening their eyes and feeling like they nailed it, simon says, "having to listen to that was absolutely excruciating". we see the temper tantrum and the name calling and find out later that they've gone and sued cowell for illegal downloading.

alternatively, if this is a matter of money and not pride, how about paying the 'stars' a little less? i love will smith, but i'm sure he could live with $10,000,000 instead of the $20,000,000 he usually gets per movie. but it's probably about pride, since pursuing all these people in court can't come cheap.

in any matter, i feel like turning on piraters is just a big ego fail for the producers of 'the hurt locker' - seriously, go pick on something your own size.

saturday musings


I couldn't agree more, if you look at the figures for the pay for high rate actors, IT IS INSANE! Unbelievably INSANE, their pay itself runs into Billions of £££. Then they have the nerve to use the argument that, "Oh we want the best actors so thats why we have to pay the most." But surely if those same actors love films, they can survive on a few millions instead of 10's and 20 millions! Try to develop new acting talent, the supply of them is high now, and the demand is also relatively decreased in comparison to the 1990's haydays. Do you honestly have to pay pissy boy Radclifle, Stare at my hooters Watson, and Ginger Grinty in excess of $50Million dollars, I mean FGS they are only in their early 20s, and im sure there are just as good actors who would star in that role for a fraction of the price! Of course i don't support movie piracy to the full, but if i miss an episode, i would like to watch it again at my own convenience, and i cant do that since i live in different time zones to producing countries. Free information for everyone! A crap movie is crap, no matter how many oscars it wins, if people dont like it, they wont watch it, simple as. Don't go pointing the finger at others!

all i can say is too fuckin bad the 4 sites you shut down, and people will have 40 in its place by tomorrow you NOOB ASS FEDS! oh and btw, just wait till you piss off this generation of users, you think an autistic kid fuked you up. wait till 400000 pissed off users/hackers with intent get ahold of your web ass.

ahaha. good one anonymous#2. yeah, i was sad about closing, but i know they'll be replaced by some newer, better, more protected sites. screw the government and their greed..

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